I help successful larger women to gain more energy and feel more body confident, without stepping foot in a gym in just 60 days!


Body Love Bootcamp is a 60 day holistic exercise program that combines exercise and wellness coaching to create a transformational mind-body experience. The 5 weekly classes incorporate cardio training, strength exercises, pilates and yoga and are varied weekly to keep you interested and to keep your body from reaching a plateau. 

All of the classes are; ​

  • Accessible to all body shapes 

  • Accessible to all fitness levels

  • Body positive

I have lived experience of exercising in a larger body so I provide modifications for all exercise levels and body shapes. 


I use a holistic approach to fitness that incorporates all of the factors that contribute to overall wellness. I recognise that getting results isn’t about constantly pushing, it’s about prescribing exercise that are appropriate for your level of wellness on the day and looking at the entire picture of health including appropriate sleep, nutrition, hydration and relaxation, which are all essential to having adequate energy levels to be able to engage in an exercise program.

I encourage healthy behaviours but not solely for the purpose of seeking weight loss. For the purpose of having the best health possible so that you can pursue your dream goals and your dream life. I look at your time schedule and your unique fitness goals and prescribe an exercise program that works uniquely for you.


Wellness Coaching draws on the theories from traditional Life Coaching, Positive Psychology and theories on Behaviour Change. It facilitates a style of training where the client is in control of their journey into fitness and health and the coach is their guide. This replaces the old style of coaching where the coach was the expert telling the client what they 'should' do and instead places the coach in a role where they help the client to find their core motivation and develop their own goals which are uniquely and intrinsically motivating for them.

We all know what we 'should' be doing and yet for reasons we can’t always explain, we don’t always behave in ways that are consistent with our goals. Wellness Coaching allows us to deep dive into these goals and uncover any hidden elements that might be holding us back. We then take these barriers to change into account and create an actionable plan that works with them and around them so that you are able to smash your goals and move forwards in alignment with your values and without all the resistance. 


Yoga offers many benefits that fit perfectly with addressing the issues that we all face because of our modern lifestyle. It helps to address poor sleep, excessive stress, detoxification from environmental pollutants and improved digestion to name but a few. Yoga is also brilliant for increasing body awareness and mindfulness which is what makes it an incredibly healing form of movement and perfect for those in 'recovery' from just about anything. It's also an incredibly adaptable form of movement that can be modified easily to suit bodies of all different shapes and abilities.

Pilates offers many of the same benefits as yoga; increased body awareness, detoxification from environmental pollutants and stress release but it has a much greater focus on building strength and alignment within the body. It is a foundational form of exercise for anyone with postural issues which is virtually everyone who is living in modern society and sitting most of the day. It is particularly helpful to those of us with hypermobility and proprioception issues. Pilates builds a foundational movement pattern that makes the body much more efficient at all other forms of exercise.


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