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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Choosing a Personal Trainer is a really personal thing. Here is a bit of background info about me to help you decide whether I'm the right coach for you.

Having nearly 10 years experience in training women, I am returning to the industry to be the change that I really want to see in it. My background with fitness began when I was 24 years old and having gained some weight in the two years prior, I used calorie counting and exercise to lose nearly 30 kgs over a year and gained a passion for fitness that has continued to this day. I maintained that weight for over 10 years until I started quickly regaining weight in my late 30s. I went to see my GP who advised me it was due to peri-menopause. About 6 months and 15kgs later I started to develop this intense hunger and began overeating. Again I went to see my GP who said I had developed Binge Eating Disorder. My GP referred me to a psychologist who confusingly advised me that I didn't have BED. During the following 2 years I consulted numerous other GPs, a dietician, a nutritionist, a naturopath, a homeopath, fitness coaches, a yoga therapy specialist and even an energy healer but still the cravings and the weight gain continued to increase. 

In the years that followed I have been on just about every weight loss plan known to exist. I’ve done Lite n Easy, Weight Watchers, Keto, Sugar Free, Low Carb, the CSIRO diet and literally every variation of intermittent fasting. Many of them multiple times. A couple of times I’ve lost 10kgs only to quickly gain 15kgs back but the majority of these diets I lost about 3 kgs. In 2018 I went all in with Weight Watchers and lost 20 kgs but hit a plateau (30kg from goal) when I became very sick and suffered from extreme fatigue. I continuously struggled with poor health after this until finally in late 2019 I received a medical diagnosis that explained the weight gain and hunger and just recently in 2020 I received a second medical diagnosis which has also been affecting my weight and metabolism.

I have learnt a lot along the way and that is what has motivated me to return to the fitness industry. Too many coaches and professionals in the fitness, weight loss and coaching industries have absolutely no lived experience of struggling intensely with their weight over a long period of time. At time I felt so frustrated by the lack of understanding and support. Many professionals don’t properly understand the problem and they recommend ineffective programs and then when the client fails to achieve results they are so quick to judge the client. The reality is that there are a number of reasons why people struggle with their weight; psychological reasons, genetic mutations, nutritional issues, autoimmune disease and unhealthy stress loads to name but a few. And it’s really hard work finding good Drs to help you uncover and treat these issues.

What I learnt from this experience is that hunger is an important message from our body and it is our job to listen to it. That trying to suppress it by going for a walk or having a glass of water is not a long term solution and it's no way to befriend ourselves either. What that message is will be different for each person and this is where it gets complex. Maybe it's a medical issue, maybe it's an emotional issue or maybe it's a nutritional issue. But it is always our body's invitation to dive deeper for more information.

I believe it is really important for people of all sizes to feel welcome to practice and explore healthy habits just as they are and without any pressure to conform to a particular body size to be accepted into the ‘fit’ club. I believe that health should always come first and then a healthy weight will follow. I’m also passionate about people in bigger bodies being recognised as fit and healthy and not just as the “Before” picture on some weight loss journey. Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes! In my lifetime I have experienced both chronic illness and eating disorders and I understand that weight issues can be extremely complex. Having a chronic illness adds a layer of difficulty in that not only does the illness contribute to weight and health issues but also more careful consideration is required to create an exercise program that won’t trigger it. Too many people with chronic illnesses give up on exercise altogether and miss out on so many wonderful benefits that exercise can give you that help you to heal and nourish your body. 

My coaching style is to guide you with what I know in fitness and health but also to help you to tap into the inner wisdom that you have inside of you to guide you on your own unique path to wellness. To be there to support and guide you as you make small sustainable steps on your path forward at your own pace and in your own time. 

Feel free to reach out to me anytime for a no strings attached call or chat and we can discuss whether I am the right fit for you.


  • Cert IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer, FIA Fitnation

  • Yoga Teacher Training - Samadhi Yoga School

Certificates in:

  • Pilates

  • Meditation

  • Boxing

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Stress Management

  • Training Older Adults

  • Nutrition

  • Women’s Health

  • Pre and Postnatal Exercise

  • Training Bigger Clients

  • Effective Movement Training

  • CHEK Movement Training


Fitness Australia registered

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